Usain Bolt’s record is broken by the Indian buffalo racer

India’s buffalo racer Srinivas Gowda suddenly rose to prominence after setting a record in a traditional race compared and surpassing sprint legend Usain Bolt, who was dubbed the “The man who is the fastest person in the world”.

Usain Bolt’s record is broken by the Indian buffalo racer. Srinivas Gowda and his buffalo ran 142.5 meters in a time of 13.62 seconds, setting a record in the annual race called Kambala in the southwestern Indian state of Karnataka.

With this time, the Indian buffalo rider’s performance is counted as running 100m in 9.55 seconds, surpassing Bolt’s world record of 9.58 seconds (who recently retired).

Srinivas Gowda’s record has resonated on international social media for his impressive record of having to compete in conditions arguably more difficult than the Jamaican athletics legend. So, immediately after the news, the Indian Sports Department immediately invited the buffalo racer to try a track and field race in Bangalore.

However, Srinivas Gowda politely declined: “I will not be taking part in the Indian Sports Authority track and field competitions. I want to achieve more in Kambala. Kambala and athletic events are different when People who did well in one competition hardly do the same thing in other competitions Many people who did well at athletic events tried Kambala and didn’t work. In Kambala, we ran with heels, while athletes often run on toes”.

Kambala is an annual race where riders will cross a distance of about 142 meters through water-level trenches like in the field, holding a rope attached to two buffaloes running in front of them. Many noted that partial runners were dragged along by buffalo.

“Never in my dream did I think I that would be so famous. Praise and record should go to my buffalo. I can only achieve this because they cooperate with me”, said Gowda.