The legendary Indian tennis players of all time (Part 1)

Tennis as a sport is an extremely attractive and attractive game. It takes more than a few good serves and strong shots and some really good techniques to make it important in the tennis world. Passion and determination are an important element such as skill and talent. Because success can only be met through continued perseverance, not many people manage to make it big long term.

Tennis in India may be overshadowed by the madness of cricket if playing cricket but the sport has thrived in the country for a long time. Over the years, this country has witnessed some spectacular talents that have brought world-class performances. Here are the best Indian players of all time who have made the nation proud-

Ramanathan Krishnan

For those who have watched Indian tennis from its wisdom, Ramanathan Krishnan is no stranger. He is one of the few famous Indian players to be credited with bringing the country up there along with other heavyweight rivals on the global competition stage. A prolific player, perhaps Krishnan’s leadership and his exceptional flair made him a crowd lover and one of the best to emerge from the country.

The first Asian to win the Wimbledon title, the same year after the 1953 debut, who also won the all-Indian championship six times and played eight finals, Krishnan was easily one of the best players that India has ever produced. Krishnan is ranked as number 4 in the world at a time when it is not easy to access the best infrastructure. 

From leading the national team to the first Davis Cup final against Australia in 1966 until winning a half-century of victory for singles in the tournament, the presence lasted for more than two decades. Davis Cup team has shown his power as an outstanding player. Krishnan’s presence in the tennis village is known as the golden era of Indian tennis and he was one of the top players in the world during the 50s and 60s.