Everything you need to know about Kabaddi (Part 1)

Do you often spend the afternoons of your childhood fighting it on the kabaddi ground? If you happen to belong to the pre-smartphone era, you’ll know calling a good ‘fighting game’!

Pulling and pulling on clothes and hair, when you try to hold your breath while being ‘tied’ or simply when you risk just for a touch, are intricate parts of the kabaddi game.

But the pity that the game has satisfied a ‘generation of children’ is not considered its worthiness. As a result, back not so long, this fascinating sport is still out of bounds as a professional vocation.

However, in recent years, the scenario has somewhat changed. With more and more people escaping the hype of crickets and a larger number even dreaming of making it big in the sports world, there has been a dramatic change in perception.


Interestingly, Kabaddi, as a contact sport, originated from India. And it is believed that as a prehistoric sport, Kabaddi was trained to drive away the invaders. However, the true story is a split from it.

Said to have originated some 3,000-5,000 years ago during the Kurukshetra war, Kabaddi has a loyal following to the Abhimanyu warrior.

There is a striking similarity between modern Kabaddi matches and the way Abhimanyu was captured by Kauravas.

Perhaps the only fighting sport in which defense is a collective effort while the offense is one-man, Kabaddi is known by many as the Games of Masses and creates madness in the audience. fake. With the thrill and excitement dominating every moment of the game, it’s no wonder that the popularity of this sport is growing rapidly on the world stage.

Millions of people from many 65 countries around the world play this game in many different forms.

Playing between two teams consisting of seven players each, the modern form of the game is a combination of several old versions of the same sport.

Kabaddi is a game of strategy as well as strength. Endurance and agility, muscular coordination, fast movement as well as a sharp and open mind are important elements needed for the game.