The evolution of Kabaddi as a mainstream sport:

Kabaddi has many names including Hututu, Do-do, and Ghidugudu. One of the most celebrated games in India; Kabbadi gained due importance lately. While the game is one of the most ancient games, probably from the pre-historic civilization, it became popular in modern India after a special event- Pro Kabbadi League- was organized. Today, the game has garnered a great fan base and its popularity is increasing not only in India but in many countries across the globe. From the kabaddi tournament to betting and Kabaddi, the game has made a crazy fan base.

History of Kabaddi:

Kabaddi is a team sport known to be originated in Tamil Nadu, India. It is played between two teams and each team has seven players. A kabaddi match is played for 40 minutes with a 5-minute interval after the first 20 minutes. The concept of the game is that a player from a team has to raid the opponent’s team and touch as many defense players as possible and return to its side. All, this is done while the player keeps chanting Kabaddi! Kabaddi, in a single breath.

The game is originally from pre-historic times and was played in a range of formats. It was in 1930 that the game was revived again and was a part of the sports in India as well as a few other South Asian countries. In the year 1921, the first-ever framework of the rules of Kabaddi as an indigenous sport of India wes prepared in the state of Maharashtra closely followed by the formation of an association in 1923. The association amended the rules set forth in the 1921 and followed in the first All India Kabaddi Tournament organized in 1923.

In the year 1950, The All India Kabaddi Federation came into existence with the aim of promoting the game. Later in 1952, the Senior National championship was started. To promote the game to a higher level and attract more and more people towards the game, the Amateur Kabaddi Federation of India (AKFI) was incepted in 1972. The federation was affiliated to Indian Olympic Association (IOA). It was after the formation of the federation only that Kabaddi got its due importance in India and around the globe.

The modern scenario:

In the last 50 years, Kabaddi as a game has evolved significantly. The changes are gradual but effective enough to make Kabaddi a popular sport. The game is receiving due importance from state and center government and modern concepts and equipment are being provided to the associations.