How is kabaddi in each particular area? (Part 1)


Typically a sport of Indian origin, Kabaddi has a presence across the entire length and width of the country. And although professionally, this sport has become popular in recent times, it does not lose the fact that the sport has been brought to world glory with an Indian connection. .

The international exposure the sport received during the 1936 Olympics was allowed courtesy Hanuman Vyayam Prasarak Mandal from Amaravati in Maharashtra. The game was introduced during the Indian Olympic Games in Calcutta in 1938.

The All-India Kabaddi Federation was established in 1950 while the Indian Kabaddi Federation (AKFI) was established in 1973. Under the auspices of AKFI, this sport has been included in the framework of several Official rules. The first male citizens were held in Madras (renamed Chennai) after the establishment of AKFI.

It was an Indian Sundar Ram, who introduced and popularized the game in Japan, when he visited the country in 1979 on behalf of the Kabaddi Asian Amateur Federation for two months to introduce the game there.


Bangladesh and India also had their first confrontation at Kabaddi competition in 1979. Incidentally, Kabaddi is now the national sport of Bangladesh, where a variation of a game called ha-du-du is very popular. Without any certain rules, du-du-du is played differently in different regions of the country.

1980 saw the first Asian Kabaddi Championship held, where India emerged as the champion, beating Bangladesh in the final. Other countries participating in the tournament are Nepal, Malaysia and Japan.

The game was included for the first time in the 1990 Asian Games in Beijing, where seven teams participated. Now it is played nationally and internationally around the world.

India has also been the champion in the three World Cups held so far.


In any form of sport, the Indian-Pakistani rivalry always produces great anticipation. And especially in a game of Kabaddi, originating from both countries, it is clear that the expectation and affection suddenly rise.

With a record 100% against Pakistan, India is undoubtedly the most admired opponent in the case of the game against its rivals. Victims of all eight games of the Asian Games and in the five games of the Round Style continue to create India’s supremacy over rivals in this sport.