The Indian sports minister believes in the possibility of reaching the top 10 at the 2028 Los Angeles Summer Olympics (Part 2)

Indian Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju also affirmed that the goal of making India one of the top 10 Olympic countries by 2028 will be regularly mentioned with the Indian Olympic Association and all sports federations.

Certain plans and strategies have been developed by the Indian Sports Department together with the Indian Olympic Association and all national sports leagues.

In the coming time, Indian sports will not only contribute to world sports with a large frequency but also ensure a very high success rate. Indian sports minister Kiren Rijiju also stressed that boxing will be the country’s key sport in the near future.

Indian Olympic Association President Narinder Batra also expressed hope that the number of medals won by Indian sports in the capital city of Japan will be doubled. India is also considering joining the campaign to host the 2032 Summer Olympics.

Despite a hiatus in training due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Philippine Karate Federation President Ricky Lim still believes in the possibility of winning tickets to the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics next year. The national Karate team was unable to launch the training because strict social distancing rules were in place to limit the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic in the Philippines.

Instead, the athletes participate in online training courses, however the Philippine Karate Federation has also proposed to allow the government to pass allowing karate athletes to train together. Some of the solutions on the list have been approved and the Philippine Karate Federation wants the athletes to practice outdoors together.

One of the partners of the Philippine Karate Federation assisted and facilitated the exercise on the rooftop of a building. And Philippine Karate athletes will immediately train here as soon as they get approval from the government. The retirement of a series of world-famous karate athletes is an advantage for young athletes attending the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics, according to Philippine Karate Federation President Ricky Lim.

The advantages of the Philippines Karate athletes are young, fast and strong. One of the Karate Philippines’ hopes at the Olympics is that Junna Tsukii, who is currently training in Japan, has won a men’s 50kg gold medal at the Southeast Asian Games in Manila and the Grand Games Bronze medal at Asian Games 2018.