An overview of Indian yoga you should consult now (Part 2)

Effects of Indian yoga

The basic effect of Indian yoga is to bring health from within and that gives the practitioner a fresh, radiant appearance. The balance in mind and body is exactly what yoga will bring to the practitioner.

+ For a balanced body: When practicing yoga, the excess energy of the fat person will gradually be consumed, but will not feel hungry, have no appetite, tend to control himself against unhealthy foods and eating habits. no limit. Thin people, when reaching the balance, will arise the need to provide more energy.

+ Keeping youthful features: Indian Yoga helps you regulate the body, eliminate toxins, bring health both physically and mentally, thereby making your beauty more brilliant.

+ Good for pregnant women: yoga exercises for pregnant women have the effect of regaining the balance in hormone secretion in the body, bringing flexibility and flexibility for the muscles, eliminating aches and pains. for women during pregnancy.

+ Muscle Development: Unlike gym, muscle in Indian yoga is built on a balance between strength and flexibility.

+ Strong bones: Many movements in yoga help the cartilage areas to be active, avoiding the state of stiffness because they are rarely used.

+ Help blood circulation better: Relaxing exercises in yoga increase blood circulation in the body. Proper breathing helps to bring more oxygen to the lungs, blood, and cells.

+ Strengthen the immune system

+ Helping the heart healthy: Yoga maximizes the absorption of oxygen of the heart, reduces the risk of heart attack and depression.

+ Reduce blood pressure

+ Reducing blood sugar

+ Improve nervous system

+ Release stress: Yoga helps increase cortisol and adrenaline – two important hormones to reduce stress.

+ Strengthen lung function

+ Reduce back pain

+ Improve balance

If you want to have a healthy, balanced body, please practice Indian yoga hard. Surely you will feel the positive change in your body.