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The diet of athletics legend Mo Farah of India

Four-time Olympic gold medalist runners often eat a lot in the morning with a menu of coffee, bread, butter, and jam.

Farah is one of the legendary British runners of the world track and field. Athletes born in 1983 each won six world championship gold medals and four Olympic gold medals. Besides exercise, diet and sleep science have contributed significantly to the success of Mo Farah. Below is a typical diet of running legs.


Farah usually wakes up around 7 am, then drinks his first coffee. “Coffee is my daily motivation. I can’t really function without it. I don’t think I’ve had a morning without coffee for many years,” he told BBC Good Food.

For breakfast, the running leg usually has two pieces of toast (grainy bread) with butter and nutella (a side dish of hazelnut and sweet chocolate ingredients, usually spread on bread). Sometimes adding a bowl of baby porridge.

Mo Farah says he tends to eat breakfast relatively a lot before training. “My stomach is able to process food fairly quickly, so breakfast usually lasts about 30-40 minutes before training,” he says.

Mo Farah’s morning jogging exercise ranges from 16-19 km. After running, he will go to the gym to exercise strength. After about 25 minutes of exercise, the male athlete drinks a protein carbohydrate drink. Farah thinks this is very important for an athlete.


British foot running lunch starts at 12 o’clock, usually with a chicken sandwich. Alternatively, if you’re preparing for races, you can change with pasta, steamed veggies and roast chicken.

“I usually eat at least one serving of chicken and salmon a day, as well as pasta and steamed vegetables,” says Mo Farah. He prefers to have a hearty lunch and dinner because he doesn’t usually snack much during the day.

If you feel hungry, Farah will add some good runner fruits like bananas. In addition, chocolate is usually dark chocolate which is a very good snack to increase energy, trusted by legs.

After lunch, Mo Farah takes a nap before an afternoon exercise with about 8 km. After that session, he will rest and take some time to relax.


Mo Farah’s dinner starts quite late, at 8pm, usually salmon or rice with vegetables. Sometimes I’ll eat lasagna (a type of spaghetti). Farah says he doesn’t like to experiment too much with food, despite knowing his usual routine is tedious. Farah ends the day and goes to bed around 9:30 a.m. or 10 p.m.

Before an important race, the running leg diet is a little different from chicken or salmon and rice. He will also drink 2 large cups of coffee for 2-3 hours before starting the race. Talking about diets and workouts for amateur athletes, Mo Farah said: “Maintain a healthy balance between carbs and protein but always be careful with carbs, otherwise it will leave you behind. To exercise, just maintain a good pace of core exercises I also recommend that those who want to speed up initially try light weight training, but it also slows you down. “