The reasons for the success of African athletics (Part 1)

More than 2,000 athletes from 201 countries compete for Olympic athletics medals, but on the run, the race is almost exclusively from athletes from Africa.

In recent Olympics, the content of running long and medium distance is always the gold mine of the athletes from Kenya, Ethiopia or originating from Africa. Defending champion 10,000 meters Mo Farah is an English national, but was born and lived as a child in Somalia.

Why are African athletes in general, especially the East African region, particularly outstanding at the marathons? Many people think that Africans possess a special trait in the genome.

This is a logical hypothesis if you look at the number of Olympic medals that African athletes have won over time, especially when they do not have the best facilities for training.

African athletes dominate ASIAD 17

As of the first three days of ASIAD athletics 17, 20 medal sets have been awarded. And out of these 20 events, up to 7 gold medals belong to African players.

Most of them are naturalized athletes from Africa of Middle Eastern countries like Qatar, Bahrain, UAE. Some of these athletes are even very famous in the international arena before moving to compete for the Asian countries mentioned above.

Before the absolute domination of the countries of the Middle East thanks to naturalization of African athletes, many people have criticized this. Korean athlete Kim Yong Gu said: “Korea would have won more if these African players had not played in ASIAD.”

Over the past 15 years, countless studies by scientists have been carried out to answer this question. But overall, there have been no studies that have identified specific traits in the African genome, with the exception of a few pieces of evidence that show a number of differences in body composition, such as a slender, veined figure. Calves have great resilience that helps them increase performance and running speed.