“Indian Sharapova” flutter when it comes to Federer

Sania Mirza feels flutter when paired with the Swiss tennis legend.

Mirza said that Federer was a “one-of-a-kind” eccentric genius. The beautiful Indian female tennis player was completely overwhelmed when she joined Roger Federer.

Roger Federer is a friendly legend of the village of felt, but not always fans or even colleagues can reach the Swiss tennis player.

As a doubles specialist, Sania Mirza, former No. 1 world doubles Indian, had no chance of contact with “Express Train” until the Swiss player attended the International Premier Tennis League (IPTL) at New Delhi in 2014.

At that time Mirza was teamed up with Federer and she was paired with her idol for the first time. “I was fortunate to be paired with Roger Federer. He was such a different person, a true genius. I was the luckiest person to have been with Federer most at that tournament,” Mirza said on Instagram.

Sania Mirza has a height of 1m73, possesses a beautiful face and she is known as “Indian Sharapova”. The 33-year-old has been in singles tournaments, but was unsuccessful when he only won 1 WTA title and 14 ITF championships, the tournament where most of the players were very young.

When deciding to focus on the doubles front, the 33-year-old player’s career has improved significantly. She won a total of 6 Grand Slam titles, including 3 women’s doubles championships (Australian Open, Wimbledon, US Open) and 3 men’s and women’s doubles titles (Australian Open, Roland Garros and US Open).

In the women’s singles, Mirza’s best position is ranked 27 in the world (August 27, 2007). When she entered the doubles competition, she rose to number 1 in the world on April 13, 2015. Both talented and beautiful, in India, people even admire Sania Mirza more than the “tennis queen” Maria Sharapova.

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Ronaldo topped the list of tracing in India

Ronaldo is the most “dangerous” figure on the Internet in 2020. Internet users in India search for Ronaldo the most.

The investigation of The Times of India newspaper said that Cristiano Ronaldo is ranked first in the list of the most “wanted” characters in India.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a worldwide celebrity. It’s easy to understand when millions of fans around the world are always looking for information about CR7. It could be football news or the personal life of the Portuguese star, as long as Ronaldo is related, the fans want to update.

Therefore, not many people were surprised with the results of the investigation published by The Times of India earlier this week. Cristiano Ronaldo is ranked at the top of the list of most wanted characters in India on the Internet.

McAfee, a company providing anti-virus software, presented a report on the possibility of virus infection on devices connected to the Internet in 2020. In which, the content most searched by Indian users is Cristiano Ronaldo.

McAfee India Vice President Venkat Krishnapur explained: “The point is that people click everywhere to see free and copyrighted content such as sporting events, or photos, Private videos of their favorite celebrities”.

Therefore, when Indian users search for Ronaldo, they also find a lot of viruses. After the transfer of 100 million euros from Real Madrid to Juventus in 2018, Ronaldo has reached the Top of the most sought-after players in the world. Every day, millions of people write his name on the search engines to get information about Ronaldo, his girlfriend and his children.

But not all content related to Ronaldo is safe and the fact that many people have taken advantage of the CR7’s popularity to spread viruses and malicious programs to users’ computers.

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Ronaldo leads the top 10 social media players who make the most money

Cristiano Ronaldo is the athlete who makes the most money in the world for each individual Instagram post.

Known as one of the strikers who often use tricks on the pitch, Luis Suarez has a large number of fans as well as anti-fans. The Uruguayan star’s personal page has 34 million followers and gives him a great source of revenue from each post.

Virat Kohli is a famous cricket player and captain of the Indian team. In 2018, Kohli was voted in the top 100 most influential people in the world by The Times.

Ibrahimovic has always been the focus of attention wherever he appears. In addition to his talent on the pitch, the Swedish striker also attracts a large number of fans on social networks with somewhat arrogant speeches and actions.

The Captain of the Indian Cricket Team, Virat Kohli and noted actor Anushka Sharma calls on the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, in New Delhi on December 20, 2017.

Once expected to become the heir to the position of Cristiano Ronaldo, but Gareth Bale was excluded from the plan of coach Zidane in a short time. The Welsh striker can switch to play football in China to become the highest-earning player in history in the world (£ 1.2 million per week).

The former Brazilian footballer has been a source of inspiration for generations to come. Ronaldinho remains active on social media and participates in events to generate more income after retirement.

At the age of 34, LeBron James is still maintaining his top form. He was favored by the world basketball village and awarded the title “king” of the NBA.

At the age of 44, David Beckham is still in shape. The former British player is always in the top of the most attractive men on the planet thanks to his trendy dress and gentleman’s looks.

Lionel Messi is not a player with a hobby of using social media. With his talent for football, “El Pulga” is the second highest Instagram follower in the world. Brands have to pay large sums of money to appear on the Argentina superstar’s personal page.

Unlike his close friend Messi, Neymar considers his personal page a place to share feelings like showing fans a rich life. The habit of using social media made the Brazilian striker receive a heavy penalty from UEFA for cursing the referee in PSG’s defeat against MU in the Champions League last season.

In every field involved, Cristiano Ronaldo always wants himself to be the best. Not only is the athlete making the most money from social media. CR7 is also the third most money-making character in the world through her personal page, second only to the beautiful Kylie Jenner and singer Ariana Grande.


India: Hometown of tennis legends

Indian tennis queen Sania Mirza has created a new chapter in the country’s glorious doubles history: Becoming the first female Indian tennis player to win a Grand Slam women’s doubles championship after winning Wimbledon 2015 with Martina Hingis.

With this title, Hingis attracted attention because she was 34 years old, returned recently and it was the first Wimbledon women’s doubles championship in 17 years of the former Miss Switzerland. However, with Indian and Asian tennis, Mirza’s glory is even more proud.

In the final match, the Mirza / Hingis pair made a spectacular comeback against the Russian pair E. Makarova / E. Vesnina 5-7, 7-6, 7-5 even though the decisive game was 2-5! This is a huge disappointment for two Russian female players after the beginning of the year, they also lost to the Italian pair S. Errani / R. Vinci in the final game of the 2015 Australian Open, despite leading 5-2.

Mirza’s doubles championship helped Asian tennis make their mark at Wimbledon after all players were eliminated in the singles. Since Li Na guarded the racket, Asian tennis at the Grand Slam tournaments only expected K.Nishikori, but the Japanese star also gave up early due to injury.

In fact, Mirza had won the Grand Slam three times in the mixed doubles, twice with fellow countryman Mahesh Bhupati (Australia Open 2009, France Open 2012) and once with Bruno Soares of Brazil in the US. Expanding 2014. She and Hingis from April 2015 rose to the world ranking of 1 female couple. What is special is that Mirza’s Wimbledon women’s doubles championship came 12 years after the now 28-year-old started her professional career and 12 years after winning the young women’s doubles championship also at Grand Slam on the grass in 2003.

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The diet of athletics legend Mo Farah of India

Four-time Olympic gold medalist runners often eat a lot in the morning with a menu of coffee, bread, butter, and jam.

Farah is one of the legendary British runners of the world track and field. Athletes born in 1983 each won six world championship gold medals and four Olympic gold medals. Besides exercise, diet and sleep science have contributed significantly to the success of Mo Farah. Below is a typical diet of running legs.


Farah usually wakes up around 7 am, then drinks his first coffee. “Coffee is my daily motivation. I can’t really function without it. I don’t think I’ve had a morning without coffee for many years,” he told BBC Good Food.

For breakfast, the running leg usually has two pieces of toast (grainy bread) with butter and nutella (a side dish of hazelnut and sweet chocolate ingredients, usually spread on bread). Sometimes adding a bowl of baby porridge.

Mo Farah says he tends to eat breakfast relatively a lot before training. “My stomach is able to process food fairly quickly, so breakfast usually lasts about 30-40 minutes before training,” he says.

Mo Farah’s morning jogging exercise ranges from 16-19 km. After running, he will go to the gym to exercise strength. After about 25 minutes of exercise, the male athlete drinks a protein carbohydrate drink. Farah thinks this is very important for an athlete.


British foot running lunch starts at 12 o’clock, usually with a chicken sandwich. Alternatively, if you’re preparing for races, you can change with pasta, steamed veggies and roast chicken.

“I usually eat at least one serving of chicken and salmon a day, as well as pasta and steamed vegetables,” says Mo Farah. He prefers to have a hearty lunch and dinner because he doesn’t usually snack much during the day.

If you feel hungry, Farah will add some good runner fruits like bananas. In addition, chocolate is usually dark chocolate which is a very good snack to increase energy, trusted by legs.

After lunch, Mo Farah takes a nap before an afternoon exercise with about 8 km. After that session, he will rest and take some time to relax.


Mo Farah’s dinner starts quite late, at 8pm, usually salmon or rice with vegetables. Sometimes I’ll eat lasagna (a type of spaghetti). Farah says he doesn’t like to experiment too much with food, despite knowing his usual routine is tedious. Farah ends the day and goes to bed around 9:30 a.m. or 10 p.m.

Before an important race, the running leg diet is a little different from chicken or salmon and rice. He will also drink 2 large cups of coffee for 2-3 hours before starting the race. Talking about diets and workouts for amateur athletes, Mo Farah said: “Maintain a healthy balance between carbs and protein but always be careful with carbs, otherwise it will leave you behind. To exercise, just maintain a good pace of core exercises I also recommend that those who want to speed up initially try light weight training, but it also slows you down. “


The Indian sports minister believes in the possibility of reaching the top 10 at the 2028 Los Angeles Summer Olympics (Part 2)

Indian Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju also affirmed that the goal of making India one of the top 10 Olympic countries by 2028 will be regularly mentioned with the Indian Olympic Association and all sports federations.

Certain plans and strategies have been developed by the Indian Sports Department together with the Indian Olympic Association and all national sports leagues.

In the coming time, Indian sports will not only contribute to world sports with a large frequency but also ensure a very high success rate. Indian sports minister Kiren Rijiju also stressed that boxing will be the country’s key sport in the near future.

Indian Olympic Association President Narinder Batra also expressed hope that the number of medals won by Indian sports in the capital city of Japan will be doubled. India is also considering joining the campaign to host the 2032 Summer Olympics.

Despite a hiatus in training due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Philippine Karate Federation President Ricky Lim still believes in the possibility of winning tickets to the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics next year. The national Karate team was unable to launch the training because strict social distancing rules were in place to limit the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic in the Philippines.

Instead, the athletes participate in online training courses, however the Philippine Karate Federation has also proposed to allow the government to pass allowing karate athletes to train together. Some of the solutions on the list have been approved and the Philippine Karate Federation wants the athletes to practice outdoors together.

One of the partners of the Philippine Karate Federation assisted and facilitated the exercise on the rooftop of a building. And Philippine Karate athletes will immediately train here as soon as they get approval from the government. The retirement of a series of world-famous karate athletes is an advantage for young athletes attending the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics, according to Philippine Karate Federation President Ricky Lim.

The advantages of the Philippines Karate athletes are young, fast and strong. One of the Karate Philippines’ hopes at the Olympics is that Junna Tsukii, who is currently training in Japan, has won a men’s 50kg gold medal at the Southeast Asian Games in Manila and the Grand Games Bronze medal at Asian Games 2018.


The Indian sports minister believes in the possibility of reaching the top 10 at the 2028 Los Angeles Summer Olympics (Part 1)

India’s sports minister Kiren Rijiju said he had full confidence in his prediction that India would make a breakthrough by entering the top 10 of the group at the Los Angeles Summer Olympics in 2028.

This is also one of the goals of realizing the Indian sport’s goal of empowering global sports.

Although the population of over 1.3 billion people, but India still has many difficulties in finding a place at the largest summer sports event in the world. At the Paris 1990 Summer Olympic Games held in the French capital city, Indian sports won two Silver medals. Then, at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games, Indian sports marked with a gold medal and two bronze medals. Two Silver and four Bronze medals are the achievements that Indian sports have at the 2012 London Summer Olympics.

Indian sport seems to be stalled at the 2016 Rio Summer Olympic Games when it only won one Silver and one Bronze, thereby ranking 67th in the overall medal table. All the medals were won by female athletes, including badminton player PV Sindhu (now world champion), 58kg ranked champion Sakshi Malik.

In the history of the Summer Olympics, India has won a total of nine Gold medals. However, the country has never won more than one Gold medal at one Olympic Summer Games. However, India’s Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju still firmly believes that by 2028, India will become one of the top ten countries of the Summer Olympic Games.

Indian Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju emphasized that this was the goal set for Sport India at the 2028 Los Angeles Summer Olympic Games. From now until then, India needs to create a sporting culture at country by launching a movement called “Fit India”. Along with that is the implementation of different types of support systems as well as boosting motivation from the grassroots level.


Usain Bolt’s record is broken by the Indian buffalo racer

India’s buffalo racer Srinivas Gowda suddenly rose to prominence after setting a record in a traditional race compared and surpassing sprint legend Usain Bolt, who was dubbed the “The man who is the fastest person in the world”.

Usain Bolt’s record is broken by the Indian buffalo racer. Srinivas Gowda and his buffalo ran 142.5 meters in a time of 13.62 seconds, setting a record in the annual race called Kambala in the southwestern Indian state of Karnataka.

With this time, the Indian buffalo rider’s performance is counted as running 100m in 9.55 seconds, surpassing Bolt’s world record of 9.58 seconds (who recently retired).

Srinivas Gowda’s record has resonated on international social media for his impressive record of having to compete in conditions arguably more difficult than the Jamaican athletics legend. So, immediately after the news, the Indian Sports Department immediately invited the buffalo racer to try a track and field race in Bangalore.

However, Srinivas Gowda politely declined: “I will not be taking part in the Indian Sports Authority track and field competitions. I want to achieve more in Kambala. Kambala and athletic events are different when People who did well in one competition hardly do the same thing in other competitions Many people who did well at athletic events tried Kambala and didn’t work. In Kambala, we ran with heels, while athletes often run on toes”.

Kambala is an annual race where riders will cross a distance of about 142 meters through water-level trenches like in the field, holding a rope attached to two buffaloes running in front of them. Many noted that partial runners were dragged along by buffalo.

“Never in my dream did I think I that would be so famous. Praise and record should go to my buffalo. I can only achieve this because they cooperate with me”, said Gowda.

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Top 4 most famous athletes of India

Sports is always a spiritual dish that brings many indispensable benefits in modern life, especially for health.

Whether it is playing professionally or simply practicing for entertainment for an amateur playground, the influence of sport on the mind and human health is quite obvious.

It is further confirmed as more and more sports models, projects and facilities sprout up around the world.

Indian tourism not only brings you to the famous temples and pagodas of the world but also the country that produces many special talents of the sports world.

Do you know who are top 4 most famous athletes of India? Let’s find out in this article!

• Milkha Singh

Also known as the Flying Sikh, named after India’s most famous sprinter who is also one of the country’s sports icons. He was the first Indian athlete to win a gold medal at the Commonwealth Games. Even so, Milkha decided to join the Indian army instead of pursuing a career as a professional athlete as many people dreamed.

The 'Flying Sikh' who won India's first Commonwealth gold - BBC News

• Viswanathan Anand

This is the greatest chess player in India and top best athlete in the world. At the age of 20, Viswanathan soon became a chess grandmaster and was the first person to receive the honorary award of Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna of this nation.

• Dhyan Chana

Like the US, hockey is a very popular sport in India and the most admired name is Dhyan Chana. He helped India win 3 gold medals in the 1928, 1932 and 1936 Olympics. Dhyan Chana has been favorably nicknamed “Wizard” in his career achievements.

Remembering Major Dhyan Chand, the hockey wizard who bagged 3 ...

• Mary Kom

In India, boxing is as popular as any other country in the world, with Mary Kom being the most famous female boxer. She won 01 bronze medal at the 2012 Olympics and a gold medal at the Asian Boxing Championship.


7 extreme sports in India you should know (Part 2)

4. Hot air balloon

The hot air balloon is the best way to experience the vast sky and enjoy the view of the land below. The most adventurous sport in the top 4 helps you explore great perspectives. Even undiscovered perspectives with breathtaking views of the sky.

A hot air balloon ride is also a great activity. It usually applies to some special people in your life who need a connection.

5. Slide the adventure waterfalls

Rafting on the river or strong current is one of the most popular water sports in India.

This adventurous activity helps you reduce your breathing in the wild waters and fill you with relaxation and adventure.

6. Mountain biking

The mountainous regions of India will be the place for those who love the most adventurous sports to find and be curious about. You can ride a solo bike or go in a group. When riding a mountain bike in India, you will have a feeling of some wild adventure lingers on.

These beautiful bike trips are surrounded by flora and fauna. Beautiful valleys and hills. Add to that the excitement of mountain biking.

7. Trekking

Panoramic views of mountains, waterfalls, and rivers in India. This is enough for hiking to help you in a good mood. The terrain is rugged and the beauty of the surrounding nature and perfect. Suitable for those who love nature and passion for adventure.

Destinations for Trekking in India:

• Dodital (Uttarakhand)

• Kudremukh Trek

• Araku Trek Valley

• Siang Valley

• Trail Shepherds

Through 7 top adventure sports in destination India. Now you know which adventure sport is essential to your list! I wish you someday have great adventure.