Indian dance a characteristic body language

Dance is a combined movement of the mind and of the whole body.

An Indian art activist Abbishana Dagana explained: A dancer must hold a song in his throat and describe it with his hands, his emotional state through his eyes while keeping pace with the foot. When the hand reaches where it is, the eye must follow. Where the eyes go, the mind has to be there; where the mind goes, emotions have to go there; Where the mind is, the emotional state must be there, etc. Thus, gestures, gestures are the soul of Indian dance.

Gestures of dance have many different meanings. That is the language of the body. According to Ananda Co-ma-ra-mi-mi – a well-known expert on Indian art, the basic principle of language is based on natural and emotional movements. For example: the eyeballs moved around showing indignation; A troubled look showed love; His eyebrows raised in suspicion; enlarged nostrils show anger; sagging cheeks expressed sadness; The drooping lip shows jealousy. The human body itself is capable of manifesting in many ways. The dancer is always looking for a way to achieve the most perfect posture to convey the most meaning. Some European Indian dance researchers comparing European dance to Indian dance, say that European dance is “very primitive” compared to the “expressive body culture” of Indian dance.

Indian dance is categorized into three types: vigorous male dance (Tandava); graceful female dance (Lasya) and dance in combination with both (Pindibandha). There are six main schools of dance: Bharatnatyam, Kathakali, Manipuri, Kucbipudi, Odissi and Kathak. But all follow the main principle: gestures, gestures of eyes, nose, mouth, hands (hands, fingers), legs (feet, toes), abdomen, chest, buttocks … all must show words of human affection.

In Western ballet, dance is mainly based on open-minded movements and has very little facial expression. On the contrary, the Indian dancer shows a lot of emotional states through his face. Indeed, no type of dance focuses on body language like Indian dance.