“Indian Sharapova” flutter when it comes to Federer

Sania Mirza feels flutter when paired with the Swiss tennis legend.

Mirza said that Federer was a “one-of-a-kind” eccentric genius. The beautiful Indian female tennis player was completely overwhelmed when she joined Roger Federer.

Roger Federer is a friendly legend of the village of felt, but not always fans or even colleagues can reach the Swiss tennis player.

As a doubles specialist, Sania Mirza, former No. 1 world doubles Indian, had no chance of contact with “Express Train” until the Swiss player attended the International Premier Tennis League (IPTL) at New Delhi in 2014.

At that time Mirza was teamed up with Federer and she was paired with her idol for the first time. “I was fortunate to be paired with Roger Federer. He was such a different person, a true genius. I was the luckiest person to have been with Federer most at that tournament,” Mirza said on Instagram.

Sania Mirza has a height of 1m73, possesses a beautiful face and she is known as “Indian Sharapova”. The 33-year-old has been in singles tournaments, but was unsuccessful when he only won 1 WTA title and 14 ITF championships, the tournament where most of the players were very young.

When deciding to focus on the doubles front, the 33-year-old player’s career has improved significantly. She won a total of 6 Grand Slam titles, including 3 women’s doubles championships (Australian Open, Wimbledon, US Open) and 3 men’s and women’s doubles titles (Australian Open, Roland Garros and US Open).

In the women’s singles, Mirza’s best position is ranked 27 in the world (August 27, 2007). When she entered the doubles competition, she rose to number 1 in the world on April 13, 2015. Both talented and beautiful, in India, people even admire Sania Mirza more than the “tennis queen” Maria Sharapova.


India: Hometown of tennis legends

Indian tennis queen Sania Mirza has created a new chapter in the country’s glorious doubles history: Becoming the first female Indian tennis player to win a Grand Slam women’s doubles championship after winning Wimbledon 2015 with Martina Hingis.

With this title, Hingis attracted attention because she was 34 years old, returned recently and it was the first Wimbledon women’s doubles championship in 17 years of the former Miss Switzerland. However, with Indian and Asian tennis, Mirza’s glory is even more proud.

In the final match, the Mirza / Hingis pair made a spectacular comeback against the Russian pair E. Makarova / E. Vesnina 5-7, 7-6, 7-5 even though the decisive game was 2-5! This is a huge disappointment for two Russian female players after the beginning of the year, they also lost to the Italian pair S. Errani / R. Vinci in the final game of the 2015 Australian Open, despite leading 5-2.

Mirza’s doubles championship helped Asian tennis make their mark at Wimbledon after all players were eliminated in the singles. Since Li Na guarded the racket, Asian tennis at the Grand Slam tournaments only expected K.Nishikori, but the Japanese star also gave up early due to injury.

In fact, Mirza had won the Grand Slam three times in the mixed doubles, twice with fellow countryman Mahesh Bhupati (Australia Open 2009, France Open 2012) and once with Bruno Soares of Brazil in the US. Expanding 2014. She and Hingis from April 2015 rose to the world ranking of 1 female couple. What is special is that Mirza’s Wimbledon women’s doubles championship came 12 years after the now 28-year-old started her professional career and 12 years after winning the young women’s doubles championship also at Grand Slam on the grass in 2003.


The legendary Indian tennis players of all time (Part 2)

Mahesh Bhupathi

For the longest time in Indian tennis history, the buzz was dominated by the iconic combination of Mahesh Bhupathi and Leander Paes, who together built incredible records and continued. Indian tennis parade on a global stage.

The Paes-Bhupathi pair is also the first team to make it to the finals of all four Grand Slam tournaments to become the first of the Open Era names to achieve a feat. Together they also had the longest series of matches in Davis Cup history.

From being the first Indian to win a Grand Slam tournament to a Grand Slam career in the mixed doubles, Bhupathi is also considered the best doubles player in the history of world tennis.

Bhupathi is also named as a rather unique record – he has won the Grand Slam titles with seven different partners and in straight sets. But perhaps what makes Mahesh Bhipathi a bigger stature than any of his contemporaries is that he was instrumental in promoting the career of the most successful Indian female tennis player, Sania Mirza.

Vijay Amritraj

Another Indian tennis player who has been one of the sport’s outstanding players over the years is Vijay Amritraj. Even after more than two decades of retirement from the professional race, Amritraj remains the highest-ranked Indian single player ever with his No 16 world earned in 1980.

Part of ‘ABC tennis’ fame, along with legends Bjorn Borg and Jimmy Connors, whom he also won, Amritraj has also been Asia’s No. 1 tennis player for more than a decade.

Rohan Bopanna

One of India’s best doubles players, Rohan Bopanna has been a member of India’s Davis Cup team since 2002 and only the fourth Indian player to win the Grand Slam title. Bopanna was instrumental in India’s 2010 Davis Cup victory over Brazil, bringing India back to the World Group for the first time since 1998.

Somdev Devvarman

While India is plunging into mixed and mixed events in the world stage, the country’s singles exploitation is relatively few and far between. Among the rare varieties of Indian players who have been active and quite successful in the individual race is Somdev Devvarman.

The only university player to have won three finals in a row at NCCA, perhaps it was a tough competition at the grassroots level that prepared Devvarman to dispute the national and international stage. In fact, he remains one of the strongest players to emerge from India in the modern era of the sport.


Leaving Paes as one of the greatest tennis athlete in India

Perhaps the most prolific of the Indian players, Leander Paes has always been a formidable force in court. Whether it was his intense performance or tough determination, Paes was instrumental in making tennis in India more than just a sport.

Many of his feats on the field ushered in a new era in Indian tennis, stemming from passion and power, instead of the masterpieces that simply defined the sport. Stylish and gaudy, really reliable of Paes that he was very adept at making this sport very popular in a country known for cricket fever.

One of the greatest of contemporary contemporary tennis players, Paes has incredible records. His heroism with the tennis racket on the international stage can be rooted even in his teenage years. Not only did he win the Junior US Open and Wimbledon titles, he also rose to number one in the world rankings.

Paes exploded in the professional scene in 1991 with much interest, because it was the following year that saw him play in the quarter-finals of the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. But his bigger celebrity came four years later in the next Olympics in Atlanta when he defeated Fernando Meligeni to win a bronze medal, becoming the first Indian player in the 44s to win a medal. individual chapter.

Being the first of India and also the only player to have participated in seven Olympic Games, continuously through 1992 to 2016, Paes also holds a commendable record in Grand Slam tournaments. With eight pairs and ten mixed pairs in his cat, Paes was also the only player after legendary Rod Laver to win the Wimbledon title in three decades.

Leander Paes not only held the career of Grand Slam in the mixed doubles, but he also won a rare double when winning both male and mixed titles in the 1999 Wimbledon tournament. As a captain, Paes also holds the record for the most number of Davis Cup wins with a 43 win.

Not only that, at 41 years, Paes also became the oldest man to win a Grand Slam event when he won the mixed crown at the 2015 Australian Open alongside Swiss player Martina Hingis. Along with another illustrious Indian player Mahesh Bhupathi, Paes has a formidable reputation in the world of double tennis. Called The Indian Express, the couple have won several victories for India in many international tournaments.


The legendary Indian tennis players of all time (Part 1)

Tennis as a sport is an extremely attractive and attractive game. It takes more than a few good serves and strong shots and some really good techniques to make it important in the tennis world. Passion and determination are an important element such as skill and talent. Because success can only be met through continued perseverance, not many people manage to make it big long term.

Tennis in India may be overshadowed by the madness of cricket if playing cricket but the sport has thrived in the country for a long time. Over the years, this country has witnessed some spectacular talents that have brought world-class performances. Here are the best Indian players of all time who have made the nation proud-

Ramanathan Krishnan

For those who have watched Indian tennis from its wisdom, Ramanathan Krishnan is no stranger. He is one of the few famous Indian players to be credited with bringing the country up there along with other heavyweight rivals on the global competition stage. A prolific player, perhaps Krishnan’s leadership and his exceptional flair made him a crowd lover and one of the best to emerge from the country.

The first Asian to win the Wimbledon title, the same year after the 1953 debut, who also won the all-Indian championship six times and played eight finals, Krishnan was easily one of the best players that India has ever produced. Krishnan is ranked as number 4 in the world at a time when it is not easy to access the best infrastructure. 

From leading the national team to the first Davis Cup final against Australia in 1966 until winning a half-century of victory for singles in the tournament, the presence lasted for more than two decades. Davis Cup team has shown his power as an outstanding player. Krishnan’s presence in the tennis village is known as the golden era of Indian tennis and he was one of the top players in the world during the 50s and 60s.