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Global popular sports originated from India (Part 5)


Badminton may not be of Indian origin, but the modern version of this sport certainly originates from the continental origin. Developed in British India from previous battledore and badminton games, badminton became as popular as Poona or Poonah after the town of Poona, where it was played the most. Although badminton was originally played with a team of one to four players, it later became an exclusive single and double player game. One of the most popular sports in the world when it comes to amateurism, its Asian origins mean that this part of the world also dominates its progress at the stage. China is the undisputed leader of the game, while India also quickly emerged a superpower with a talented army. These players have helped spread badminton even more in its country of origin.

Snakes and Ladders

An ancient Indian board game, Moksha Patam is famous all over the world as Snakes and Ladders, a classic entertainment mode. Developed in India as part of a dice game family in the 13th century, the game also has ethical implications. Associated with the traditional philosophy of Hinduism that opposes karma and kama, or destiny and desire, Moksha Patam is marked by ladders representing virtue and serpents symbolizing evils. The game, introduced in Victorian England in 1892, incorporates changes in its nature in line with British moral theories. It is in the UK that this iconic game has its present name. A common cultural metaphor is also evident through phrases such as ‘back to the square’.

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Polo may essentially be a sport native to Central Asia, but its modern version is a sport derived from its popularity in the Indian state of Manipur like sagol kangjei, kanjai- bazee or pulu. But despite the link in northeast India, it was Mughal Babur himself who popularized the sport in India and helped it become famous in England and the world. The Imphal football field in Manipur is in fact the oldest in the world. Polo is usually played on a horse but the British in India have also played the sport from the back of an elephant – a form still popular in some parts of India. A four-handed, polo game currently played in many countries with their own regional distinctions.


The 15 most famous badminton players in India (Part 6)

Kumar Vimal

Now he can be considered a mentor, national head coach of the Indian badminton team for a few years but even as one of the famous players, Vimal Kumar has earned quite many awards. A two-time winner of the prestigious French Open in 1983 and 1984, Kumar went on to win the title at the Welsh International Championship twice in 1988 and 1991. An Olympian represents National at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, Kumar has also been ranked among the top 20 badminton players in the world throughout his outstanding career.

V. Diju

The first Indian player to participate in the Olympics in the mixed doubles when he went to court during the 2012 event in London, Valiyaveetil Diju or V. Diju was a red double player of the country redefined. Badminton scenario in India long ago Along with Jwala Gutta, Diju created a formidable couple, who went on to create history with a number of firsts. As part of the first Indian couple to reach the quarter-finals of the World Championships and also the first pair of Indian mixed badminton to win a Grand Prix Gold title, Diju has emerged as a key player of This sport is in India. He also won a mixed bronze medal at the Melbourne Commonwealth Olympics, and was a finalist at the 2009 World Super Series Finals.

Anup Sridhar

The captain of the Indian badminton team for the World Men’s Team Championships, Anup Sridhar’s playing career is one of the full accomplishments. Semifinals at the German Badminton Championships and the Asian Badminton Championships as well as the quarter finals in the Thailand Open and the 2007 World Championships, Sridhar also participated in the men’s singles event of the 2008 Summer Olympics. in Beijing. Sridhar also won the Hungarian international tournament in 2005 and the Czech international tournament in 2013.


The 15 most famous badminton players in India (Part 5)

Moded Syi

Once an eight-time national badminton champion, Syed Modi tapped in the game continues to inspire millions of people, but the remaining problem of memory is that his shocking murder counts as one in criminal cases that continue to be unresolved to this day. National champions at both grassroots and senior levels, Modi also won the men’s singles gold medal at the 1982 Commonwealth Olympics while winning Austrian and Soviet International titles. Syed Modi also won a bronze medal at the men’s singles event at the 1982 Asian Games before Commonwealth heroes.

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Ashwini Ponnappa

With a BWF world championship coin, each gold, silver and bronze, an Asian champion, a pair of South Asian Games gold and silver in her cat, Ashwini Ponappa is one of the other famous names. in the badminton player race in India. Also a polite Olympian appearing at the 2016 edition of the event in Brazil, Ponappa is also the winner of the women’s doubles title at the Canada Open 2015. Along with Jwala Gutta, Ashwini Ponappa is India’s first couple and is the only second person to win a medal at the World Championship.

B. False Praneeth

B. Sai Praneeth is another Indian badminton player who became the first Indian male athlete after 36 years to win a bronze medal in the BWF World Championship when he achieved his feat. 2019. Praneeth must also name himself bronze of the BWF World 2010 Youth Championship while being the winner at Canada Open 2016, Thailand Open 2017 and Singapore Open 2017.

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Parupalli Kashyap

Among many famous badminton players that India has produced, Parupalli Kashyap is a clear presence. Kashyap became the first Indian male player to reach the men’s singles quarter-finals at an Olympic event during London’s 212 event. A single gold man at the Commonwealth Olympics in Glasgow just a few years later while Kashyap previously played an important role in India to win the silver medal in the Team Event of the edition 2010 of the Olympics. Among the top single male players in the country, what makes Kashyap pursue and in-game achievement is an even more determined matter that he continues to be unaffected even when fighting. with a severe case of asthma.


The 15 most famous badminton players in India (Part 4)

Aparna Popat

National badminton champion with a record nine times in a row, Aparna Popat is one of the famous players of this sport in India. Her information is one of the earliest female players to have dominated the game including silver medals at the 1996 Youth World Championship and a total of four medals in the three appearances of the Commonwealth Games. Popat has also twice Olympian when participating once in the Asian Games and is the runner-up of the French Open tournament. With a high rank of career of 16, Popat is also one of the 17 participants and the sole Indian selected from around the world for the Global Sports Mentoring Program.

Nandu M. Natekar

The first Indian player to win an international title as early as in 1956, Nadu Natekar was a former national badminton champion. Voted as India’s most popular sports athlete in 1961, it was Natekar’s badminton expertise that made him popular among the players who appeared from the country at the time. With the last 8 appearances at the British Championships in addition to winning the National Men’s and Men’s Singles and Men’s Doubles competitions, Natekar is one of the earliest stars of the Indian badminton and is recipient of the first Arjuna Institute award in 1961.

Srikanth Kidambi

Kidambi Srikanth has recorded the maximum number of super titles among the male Indian players as one of India’s most famous and famous badminton talents. In fact, Srikanth rose to become the world’s numero uno badminton player in 2018 thereby asserting his dominance once again over the sport he has long been in power. Kidambi was the first Indian man to win gold at the Swiss Open Grand Prix Gold 2015 as well as the 2017 Super Series Indonesia.

Starting with a double and bronze silver medal at the 2011 Commonwealth Youth Olympics, Srikanth won the men’s singles title at the Thailand Open Thailand 2013, the Super Cup Championship title. China 2014, China Open China Championship 2015 Gold and also the title of Open India Super Series. Together with his compatriot Sai Praneeth, Srikanth Kidambi created history by becoming the first Indian couple to enter the finals of a badminton ranking event.


The 15 most famous badminton players in India (Part 3)

Pullela Gopichand

The man who wrote the exploitation script of today’s Indian badminton players and himself is a rich sports player of his time, Pullela Gopichand. The second Indian after his mentor Prakash Padukone won the 2001 All England Open Badminton Championships, Gopichand was also the national champion five times in a row from 1996 to 2000. Currently Gopichand, the head of the Indian badminton team, credits many titles at both national and international levels. Leading forces behind outstanding talents such as Saina Nehwal, PV Sindhu, Kidambi Srikant and others, Gopichand has been awarded several titles and awards for his unrivaled contribution to the Indian badminton.

Jwala Gutta

As the first of the Indian badminton players eligible to participate in two events in the Olympics, Jwala Gutta is famous in the sports industry as a sports player, who shows abundance and determination to emerge before the match. Her extraordinary feats in the sport in the double segment made her a prominent figure responsible for bringing India to the global badminton stage.

A sensational gold medal in women’s doubles at the 2010 New Delhi Commonwealth Meeting, for the first time for India, had Gutta and her partner Ashwini Ponappa engrave their names in history books. The historic gold run continued next year as well as the Gutta and Ponappa pairs when they became the first Indians to secure a medal at the World Badminton Championships.

A bronze medal at the 2014 Asian Championships followed by another bronze medal at the Uber Cup the same year and the title of winner at the 2015 Canada Open Grand Prix as well as the quarter-final of the World Championship. The world strengthened Gutta’s strength when she broke into the top 10 of the BWF World Championship for the first time in history. This position in the top 10 also means that Jwala Gutta becomes the first player to rank among the top 10 in both doubles and doubles content.

Badminton Sports

The 15 most famous badminton players in India (Part 2)

Saina Nehwal

The first Indian badminton player to win an Olympic medal marked the jewel in the crown of famous badminton player Saina Nehwal. Most notably are the most famous badminton players in the country, who are very similar to Prakash Padukone, who helped increase the women’s presence in the sport, Nehwal first named her.

The first and only Indian woman to achieve world No. 1, the first Indian to reach the final of the BWF World Championship, the first and only Indian to win the World Championship. About BWF, the first Indian to win the Super Series title is also the first Indian to win two single gold medals at the Commonwealth Olympics, Saina’s exploitation in badminton is unparalleled.

Nehwal also represented India in three versions of the Olympics while being the first and only Indian to win at least one medal in each important BWF individual event with a metal at the World Olympics. Olympics, BWF World Championships and BWF World Championships. With another legend of the game Pullela Gopichand as her mentor, Nehwal is not only one of the famous names in badminton in India, she is also one of the successful Indian players. the most public ever.

PV Sindhu

As the first Indian to become the world badminton champion, PV Sindhu is a name along with compatriot Saina Nehwal who is largely responsible for the growing stature of the sport. Her silver medal victory at the 2016 Summer Olympics and her gold feats at the 2019 World Championships confirmed her dominance of the sport, thereby turning her into A great product for Indian badminton. With five incredible world championship medals, Sindhu is another well-deserved name who has been trained under Pullela Gopichand and has received honors ever since.

Sindhu commanded the game which was her forte even at the age of 10 saw her become the first Indian to win two back medals in the BWF World Badminton Championships, young female individual India’s first and first to win the Olympic gold medal, the first Indian to win the BWF world tournament final and also the silver medalist at the women’s single badminton event at the Asian Games event 2018 .


The 15 most famous badminton players in India (Part 1)

Badminton may not have commanded the following in India that this gentleman’s cricket game. But what’s interesting is that it’s actually been the shuttle responsible for bringing a series of sports laurels to the country. 

Whether it’s Saina Nehwal and PV Sindhu, who have brought Olympic glory or the legendary Prakash Padukone and Pullela Gopichand, who promoted current talents, Indian badminton is a story of talents that show off Their presence on the world stage long. From revising the old standards to setting newer standards, from being inspired to become its own inspiration, the badminton of India has come a long way. A series of Indian badminton players have long been a notable presence in the world stage, and continue to expand to new heights in the same.

Here are some such famous Indian badminton players in India, who have set really high bars for the coming generations.

Prakash Padukone

Undoubtedly, the name continues to pursue badminton in India, Prakash Padukone is one of the most recognizable players in the sport. As the first Indian to win the English Open Badminton Championships, Padukone is also the first person from the country to become the numero uno in international sport.

For Ramesh Padukone’s father, Mysore’s Badminton Association Secretary, badminton is a natural name for a young Prakash. His dedication to the sport means that, as a child, Padukone won trophies at the Karnataka State Youth League. With constant success at the national circuit in both the youth and senior categories, Padukone paved the way for greater international recognition as he put India on the map in the field of global badminton.

At the Commonwealth games of 1978, Padukone won the men’s singles gold medal while claiming the Danish Open and the Swedish Open a few years later. The year 1980 was undoubtedly the year of the legendary Prakash Padukone, a stance strengthened with his success in the English Championship. At the oldest and most prestigious badminton tournament in the world, Padukone wrote the historical script by declaring the title of the men’s singles. After that, it was all about Padukone asserting its dominance with countless victories including a bronze in the 1983 World Championship.

The man devoted to the sport, Padukone pursued turning India into a global badminton superpower that made him actively involved with it even after his retirement in 1991. He used to be the president of Hiep. Indian Badminton Association, and coach of the Indian National Badminton Team from 1993 to 1996. Padukone also founded the Olympic Gold Quest, an initiative to promote the sport. Olympic sports in India.